A book club is a group of people who gather to discuss a book that they all have read and give their opinion. We call our book club “BookClub” accompanied by the town where we are set: TDB (Torredembarra), CLF (Calafell) or Cunit.

What is so special about this BookClub is that we speak in English in a non-English-speaking community. For this reason, we may sometimes discuss not only the literary aspects of the book but also other aspects related to it.

The BookClub project started in July 2009 as a trial Summer activity at the Biblioplatja (Beach Library) of Torredembarra. But it was well received and in September the project kept on. Since 2017 we are also in Calafell and in 2019 we are, for three months, in Cunit, but what the future will bring us, we never know.

What books do you read?

We read mostly novels but we have also read short story collections and biographic novels. Find out more about the books we have read at the page of each town. The books are normally written originally in English and all the meeting is conducted in that language. The books are provided by the libraries (or else you can use your own copy or e-book).

When do you meet?

The BookClub meets once a month but the day and time varies. Check each town’s page for more information.

Who can join?

Anyone (yes, that is a big word). You just need a minimum knowledge of the English language. All levels welcome.

How to join?

Get the book at the Library. You will find the date in a bookmark inside (or ask at the desk) and at this web site’s home page.

Is there a FilmClub?

Sometimes we also watch a movie if an adaptation of the book is available; or we watch something tightly related to the book. Currently, this is not ongoing.

Do you do other activities?

Over the years, in Torredembarra, we have made different activities such us dinner celebrations and, most importantly, donations (see Donations‘ page).

I have more questions

If you have a question about the BookClub, send us an email using the form in this web site.