The Angel Esmeralda by Don DeLillo

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The Angel Esmeralda by Don DeLilloI tried really hard to find interesting aspects of these nine short stories to comment on and found very little.
I enjoyed “The Angel Esmeralda” as the two nuns debate whether what the public were imagining to be an angel on the billboard to be real or to be fake.

[The news] exists in people’s perceptions. It becomes real or fake-real so people think they’re seeing reality when they’re seeing something they invent.

Grace debates with Edgar that it isn’t real and she shouldn’t go and join the throngs of people needing to believe in the miracle, but Edgar needs to believe it as the harsh reality in which then work has lost meaning for her.

Other than this I read four other stories and half of “The Starveling”, then stopped reading.

Strangely I found that both “The Runner” and “Creation” kept my attention and wish I could be there tonight to find out what the endings meant!
I give the book a 4


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