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Girl with a Pearl Earring


The mystery behind the legend.


About the book

Excerpt of a review from The New York Times by Richard Eder (24/01/00):

For a while it seems that it will be this kind of novel. Namely, the painter Johannes Vermeer hires Griet, a serving girl, to clean his studio. He is struck by her pictorial sense even when she is arranging vegetables on a platter. She shows a brilliantly progressing sensibility for his painting: refusing to clean the windows because it will alter the light on a work in progress, remarking that a map in the background weakens the composition, rearranging a blue cloth to provide the needed touch of disorder for a portrait’s serenity.

Tracy ChevalierFinally, as model for what will become the celebrated The Girl With a Pearl Earring, she knows before Vermeer does that it is precisely the earring’s spark that is needed to ignite the portrait. And the painter is captivated by her brilliance as well as her wildly tumbling hair (once she removes her cap) and so … bam! boom! … a swirl of storm, passions and trouble. In short, an artist romance. Tracy Chevalier steers her novel deliberately close and tacks abruptly away. The book she has written, despite a lush note or two and occasional incident overload, is something far different and better. All but the last two sentences of the previous paragraphs are there; but they are the armature of a brainy novel whose passion is ideas.

Girl with a Pearl Earring Painting
‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer.


Girl with a Pearl Earring filmThe Film


  • Peter Webber


  • Colin Firth as Johannes Vermeer
  • Scarlett Johansson as Griet
  • Tom Wilkinson as Pieter van Ruijven
  • Cillian Murphy as Pieter Judy
  • Parfitt as Maria Thins
  • Essie Davis as Catharina Bolnes
  • Anna Popplewell as Maertge
  • Alakina Mann as Cornelia

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