Newsletter 101: The Colossus of Maroussi

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Summary of the meeting

cover of The Colossus of Maroussi by Henry MillerOn the first Friday of November we had our 101st book club in which we discussed The Colossus of Maroussi by English author Henry Miller. Even if it was a hard book for everyone, including natives, we had many things to discuss and we had a lovely meeting.

This is not a novel as it is more a biographic travelogue, i.e. an account of the experiences that the author had in his time in Greece, and especially in Corfu. He talks about many things, from war to the Gods, from love to friendship, from sex to drugs. It is an expressionist description of the period of time of the life of Miller in which he tries to explore his inner self, discover himself, find himself as a person in this world.

It is difficult to talk about a book that deals with many issues and, specially, if we haven’t gone through the process of finding ourselves. But, still, we managed to find our way through the meeting.



My personal opinion

After reading a book you need some time to really process all you have just seen and lived. Unfortunately, that was not the case for me this time. I had so many difficulties concentrating on this tough prose and finished the book the same day of the book club. Would I read it another time? Yes, without rushing, with the hope of experiencing Miller’s adventures with the appreciation they deserve.

Of the 14 people who voted it got an 5/10.

Hilary's review

Other books

It is not the first time we travel to Corfu. In fact, some of the characters that we meet in The Colossus we had already met in My Family and other Animals by Gerald Durrell. One of them actually being the brother of the latter, Lawrence Durrell, who invites Miller to Corfu. We rad it in 2010 and gave it a 6. It belongs to a trilogy but, unfortunately, you can only find this book in the Libraries of Catalonia.


Books by the author

These are the novels you can find by Henry Miller in English at the Libraries of Catalonia:
  • Nexus
  • Plexus
  • Sexus


Next book

The Angel Esmeralda by Don DeLillo

For Decembers’s meeting we are reading The Angel Esmeralda by Don DeLillo.

From one of the greatest writers of our time, a collection of short stories, written between 1979 and 2011; chronicling—and foretelling—three decades of American culture.

Set in Greece, the Caribbean, Manhattan, a white-collar prison and outer space, these nine stories are a mesmerizing introduction to Don DeLillo’s iconic voice, from the rich, startling, jazz-infused rhythms of his early work to the spare, distilled, monastic language of the later stories.

Nuns, astronauts, athletes, terrorists and travelers, the characters in The Angel Esmeralda propel themselves into the world and define it. DeLillo’s sentences are instantly recognizable, as original as the splatter of Jackson Pollock or the luminous rectangles of Mark Rothko. These nine stories describe an extraordinary journey of one great writer whose prescience about world events and ear for American language changed the literary landscape.

The meeting will be on Friday December 1st at 7pm at the Library Mestra Maria Antònia, Torredembarra.

101 BookClubs Celebration

On Sunday the 12 we celebrated 101 months of the BookClub. It was a very special occasion for all the people involved in the BookClub and we thank you so much your presence and participation. We talked about the books we have read, the authors, where are they from (not Australia, apparently), where have they taken us (ditto) and many other things.


All the 101 books we have read!


If you want to read a book that we had read before you joined the club, or re-read one of your favoruites, they are temporally exhibited at the Library. Go, pick it up. Otherwise, let us know which one you want and we’ll find it for you.

After the interminable Powerpoint, we enjoyed some vermouth and Music with Alex Bramwell and Robert Revolbert (if you are interested in purchasing a CD, let me know, as they forgot to bring them). And finally a lovely lunch at La Serra.

I, personally, want to thank everyone at the club, those who could make it and those who were really missed, for participating in the Club. The BookClub is nothing without you. Thank you. Love. F


Some humour


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